Sunday, March 17, 2013


Few visitors to Hawaii realize that they may be only a few feet from a hidden royal treasure. On May 8, 1819, the doleful sound of the great conch sounded. The muffled thud of drums echoed across the seven islands. A small band of chieftains carried the body of Kamehameha the Great, together with his vast treasure trove, to a secret hiding place which has baffled historians and treasure hunters ever since.

The treasure was made up of rare Hawaiian artifacts, literally priceless today.

Kauai is one possible hiding place. This was the home of some of the most trusted chiefs. The coast, in places, is very mountainous making access difficult. The high cliffs and deep ravines are dotted with numerous caves which could house the treasure.

It is more probable that the king and his treasure were buried on the island of Hawaii, “the big island”. This was Kamehameha’s original home and site of his capital. One legend says that the treasure was placed in a cave in the lush and tangled rain forest near Hilo.

There is one theory daunting to even the most adventurous; that the king and his treasure were thrown into a live volcano to placate Pele, the volcano goddess.

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