Sunday, October 05, 2008

If Germany Won World War II

What would have happened if Germany Won World War II?

Here are a couple of views on the ever intriguing question:

The book describes how the war was lost by the Allies and how the world looks in the year 2000. Using authoritative sources (footnoted) the book outlines the war aims of the Nazi leadership as if they were realized. The following is an excerpt: "With the collapse of the Soviet Union, America stood alone. Germany began construction of bomber bases in Iceland, the Azores, and the Canary Islands (Shirer, 879). Although Germany did not have aircraft capable of reaching the American coast in 1942, plans for new super weapons, to include long range bombers and submarine launched missiles, were initiated...'.In a kind of delirium the Fuehrer pictured for himself and for us the destruction of New York in a hurricane of fire. He described the skyscrapers being turned into gigantic burning torches, collapsing upon one another, the glow of the exploding city illuminating the dark sky.' (Speer,87)."

Also check out this intriguing video:

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